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Edit Mode - General

Again, Most of these hotkeys are usefull in the 3D Viewport when in Edit Mode, but many work on other Blender Objects, so they are summarized here. Many Object Mode keys work in Edit mode too, but on the selected vertices or control points; among these Grab, Rotate, Scale and so on. These hotkeys are not repeated here.

TAB or ALT-E. This button starts and stops Edit Mode.
CTRL-TAB. Switches between Vertex Select, Edge Select, and Face Select modes. Holding SHIFT while clicking on a mode will allow you to combine modes.
AKEY. Select/Unselect all.
BKEY-BKEY. Circle Select. If you press BKEY a second time after starting Border Select, Circle Select is invoked. It works as described above. Use NUM+ or NUM- or MW to adjust the circle size. Leave Circle Select with RMB or ESC.
CTRL-H. With vertices selected, this creates a "Hook" object. Once a hook is selected, CTRL-H brings up an options menu for it.
NKEY. Number Panel. Simpler than the Object Mode one, in Edit Mode works for Mesh, Curve, Surface: The location of the active vertex is displayed.
OKEY. Switch in/out of Proportional Editing.

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